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Blocked drains

Have you got Blocked Drains? At Kall Services Midlands Ltd our engineers can clear all types of drain blockages, with professional equipment and expertise. 

Get your Blocked Drains fixed

At Kall Services Midlands Ltd our engineers can clear all types of drain blockages, with professional equipment and expertise. 

It’s difficult to predict when a drain will become blocked but when it does it can quickly become a dangerous health hazard.

Blockages in your drains can be caused by a variety of factors. We can solve blocked drains due to everything from sewage build-ups to tree roots. In most cases, we can remove your drain blockage the same day you call*, by using rodding, jetting, and occasionally chemical solutions.

Early signs of a drain blockage include

  1. Bad or unusual smells
  2. Slow drainage from sinks, baths & showers
  3. Toilets nearly overflowing when flushed
  4. Strange noises coming from the drains

If you identify any of these symptoms, then it is likely your drains will block in the very near future.

Unfortunately, a blocked drain won’t fix itself, and if left, the problem will likely get worse. We recommend you call Kall Services to conduct an inspection before it is too late.

Whatever your requirements are for Blocked Drains throughout the Midlands area, Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd will be able to help. For more information about this service, please contact us on 0800 0778 369 or email info@kallservices.co.uk

We offer drain clearing, drain repair, high-pressure water jetting, CCTV surveys, root removal, and sink and toilet unblocking services. In addition to using the latest technology and powerful equipment, our drainage technicians can fix any drainage related issue.

We are an independent company that employs drainage professionals in the Midlands. As we are not a franchise, we can charge a favourable rate since we do not have any third parties to pay.

We have an hourly rate, and we don’t charge for callouts on weekends or bank holidays.

So, if you have a blocked drain, toilet, sink, bath or shower in the Midlands, give us a call and we will diagnose, fix and repair – promptly and without a fuss.

We will do our best to get to you within 1 hour if possible if you have an urgent drain issue. A clogged drain or sink can be unhygienic and stressful, we will respond promptly to your problem.


What are the signs of a blocked drain?

The first thing to look out for is when your sink, shower or bath is draining slower than usual.

The second thing is if the water doesn’t drain at all, or rises when you flush the toilet, run a tap or have a shower.

You may hear strange sounds when flushing the toilet or using the sink. This can signal a blocked pipe.

Blocked drains can also come with unpleasant smells if there is something blocking a drain and is rotting.

What causes a drain to get blocked?

There are many things that can cause drain blockages. These include:

  • Grease and fat
  • Wipes, nappies and sanitary products
  • Hair
  • Food waste
  • Excessive toilet paper
  • Leaves
  • General rubbish
How much will it cost to unblock a drain?

Each drain blockage is different. Kall Services will let you know how much your blocked drains will cost to unblock. Rest assured, our prices are great!

Can I prevent a blocked drain?

Regularly maintaining your drainage system will help you to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of blocked drains.

Our engineers can perform the necessary maintenance procedures to keep your drains running smoothly and prevent any possible flooding.

Especially for businesses in the commercial sector, blocked drains can be very disruptive. They can cause a lot of damage to the property, which can be very expensive.


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