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Burst Rising Water Mains & Leaks

A leaking pipe can be a nuisance and cost you money.

At Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd we can tackle Burst Mains and Leaks from the simplest to the most complex.

Do you have a burst water main?

At Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd we can tackle Burst Mains and Leaks from the simplest to the most complex. By acting quickly our engineers can reduce the risk of a small problem becoming a major one and avoid expensive remedial, excavation and clear-up operations.

It is difficult to predict when a water main will leak or burst but when it does it can quickly become a major problem. Our team of expert engineers deliver a service that is quick, efficient, and available when you need it most.

Kall Services operate a fleet of dedicated vans for foul water mains issues, an approach that successfully eliminates the risk of water contamination. Our engineers take swift proactive action by locating the burst, quickly exposing the affected area, and then simply repairing the pipe.


Whatever your requirements are for Burst Water Mains and Leaks throughout the Midlands area, Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd will be able to help. For more information about this service, please contact us on 0800 0778 369 or email info@kallservices.co.uk

Burst drain FAQs

What causes water mains to burst?

Why do pipes burst and leak? Having a clogged pipe, toilet, or water pump in your home can cause the water pressure to increase. 

As a result, the pipes can crack or burst. In case of a blockage in your water system.

What causes underground pipes to burst?

In freezing temperatures, water flowing through your pipes will actually freeze. The pressure on a pipe increases as more and more water freezes and accumulates in one area. If the pressure becomes too great, the pipe will burst.

Who is responsible for the drains on my property?

It is generally your responsibility to take care of drains inside your property boundaries, while the sewerage company is responsible for lateral drains, which are usually outside the boundaries of your property, and sewers.


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