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As Sewer Cleansing experts, Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd are able to cleanse, descale and degrease pipes, drains, and sewers.

The Sewer Cleansing Experts

As Sewer Cleansing experts, Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd are able to cleanse, descale and degrease pipes, drains, and sewers.

Regular preventative maintenance on your sewers and drainage systems can prolong the working life of the system avoiding the inconvenience and costly repairs.

The Kall Services engineers can conduct regular inspections and safety checks of your sewers and recommend the best way to maintain their effective operation.

Once we are able to determine the condition of the drainage system we will then look to clean or remove any blockages by utilising our comprehensive range of sewer cleaning equipment.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

The majority of pipework accumulates silt, grease, scale, debris, or other deposits over time. High-pressure water jetting is one of the most effective methods for clearing away these common problems, leaving the pipe clean and free-flowing.

The high-pressure water quickly cleans the internal surfaces, flushing through any debris which may build up and cause blocking issues. If water jetting is conducted regularly it will greatly improve the life span of drains, pipelines, and sewer systems.

Ideally, high-pressure water jetting units can also clear blocked drains where access is restricted, and excavations are not possible.

High-pressure water jetting is suitable for pipework sizes ranging from between 100mm up to 2000mm in diameter. Our rear mounted hydraulic systems for sewer cleaning have a jetting reel with over 200 metres of hose.

These units have a variety of jetting nozzles for different types of cleansing including:


  • Blockage nozzles
  • Bomb jets
  • Slit jets
  • Spinning jets
Sewer Cleansing - High-pressure-water-jetting

Rotary Root Cutting

Where high-pressure water jetting is not sufficient to solve the drainage issue Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd can offer an alternative cost-effective solution called Rotary Root Cutting.

It is mainly utilised where heavy root infestation has occurred or where there is a build-up of cement wash, limescale or fat within the pipe.

The rotary root cutter combines a cutter with a high-pressure jet and vac unit. The cutter clears the blockage, and the water jet removes all the debris from the pipe. The results are effective and immediate with no damage caused to the existing pipework.

This type of tool can still operate even if the drainage system is in a poor state of repairs such as broken joints or misshaped pipes.

Sewer Cleaning Rotary-Root-Cutting

Whatever your requirements are for Sewer Cleansing throughout the Midlands area, Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd will be able to help.

For more information about this service, please contact us on 0800 0778 369 or email info@kallservices.co.uk.


Great professional service was provided, they were out to us very promptly & got straight to work.
I cannot recommend Kall services highly enough.

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Top class service from start to finish - good communication. The crew started on the agreed date. Experienced workmen that knew exactly what they were doing.
Thoroughly recommend.

Homeowner UK

The entire process was excellent. Every stage from contact to finish of the job was carried out professionally. I would definitely recommend Kall Services.

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Great service, will use again if needed.

Homeowner UK

Very quick & efficient & very fair price. Would recommend.


Great work done. They replaced the bottom of my soil and vent pipe and routed it into the sewer. Very speedy and efficient, and cleaned up after themselves really well afterwards. Would highly recommend!

John Duncan