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Not all drain repairs mean ground excavation work. At Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd we try our utmost to avoid this. We only do excavation repairs when necessary.

We use the latest Trenchless Drain Repair technology. Meaning most drainage repairs and replacements don’t need excavation

Drain Repairs in Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Our Trenchless Drain Repairs technology service includes:

  • Pipe relining
  • Patch repairs
  • and lateral cutting

Our engineers repair

  • Small breaks
  • Cracks & fractures
  • Out of line pipework
  • Tree route invasion
  • Corrosion
  • and decaying pipework

All without picking up a spade.

Pipe Re-Lining Repairs

Pipe re-lining is a method used to repair a damaged or partially collapsed sewer pipe without the need to replace the pipe. It involves installing a drain lining that bonds to the inside of the existing pipe–like creating a new pipe inside the old one.

Our approach is very effective, we insert a flexible resin-soaked tube into the damaged drain pipe, which is inflated with air or water at pressure until the resin sets and the new pipe is in place. The air or water is then extracted from the pipe and the old pipe is left with a new internal durable structure.



Pipe Patch Repairs

Patch repair is an efficient and cost-effective method of repairing cracked or leaking pipes and is ideal when a pipe is only damaged in one or two areas.

The process is similar to pipe re-lining; however, patch repairs can repair isolated defects within a length of pipe, where full re-lining is not needed.

Lateral Cutting

Lateral cutting is a remotely controlled form of drain technology. The cutter complements our trenchless pipe lining service. Once a pipe relining is complete, all lateral connections must be re-opened to restore the draining system to full working order. We use our lateral cutters to undertake this work, controlled by our skilled engineers.

We also use lateral cutters to remove total or partial blockages from pipes without the need to excavate. The machine tackles all types of solid obstructions, such as concrete and root incursions.

Whatever your requirements are for trenchless drain repair throughout the Midlands area, Kall Services (Midlands) Ltd will be able to help. For more information about this service, please contact us on 0800 0778 369 or email info@kallservices.co.uk

Trenchless Drain Repair FAQs

What are trenchless drain repairs?

Trenchless Drain repairing is a way of repairing a pipe by installing a liner inside the damaged structure.

The liner is then set in place so that it creates a new pipe inside the old one.

WIll a trenchless drain repair save me money?

Lining the existing sewer pipeline can result in thousands of pounds of savings compared to replacing the entire line.

The savings are mainly from

  • Less manpower
  • Shorter repair time
  • No digging equipment is required
How much will the repair cost?

Every repair is different to the last one. As such we will need to provide you with a quote which is dependent on the repairs that are needed.


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